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The Ournour Research Center 
  Fresh, unchartered, privately owned acreage. Newly cultivated territory in proximity to historical Fort Valley . New development to include entertainment complex with the upscale center for research. seat pavillion star chef. This is an opportunity for serious interests only! Contributions, donations, endorsements, sponshorships, etc. are communicated through our contact number listed below. 
Call MNFD Enterprises at 478-542-0810 for further details.
Thank you, Team MNFD for all your efforts during the greenhouse construction! We did a wonderful job!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMING SOON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Where all your produce, salads, etc. are grown natural and served fresh from our own Organix Gardens.
*****************RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH*****************


As with any substantial research project, substantial funding is appropriate. We are asking all professionals, institutions, and businesses, both private and , to graciously donate your time, services, and/or funding to MNFD Enterprises by contacting us via our contact , phone, or simply use our secure Paypal system to donate. Thank you.