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About Miss NiQi's Fine Dining (MNFD)
Chef  Niqi is creator of Miss Niqi’s Fine Dining and Catering (MNFD) and has had passion for the art since a small girl. Mimicking family elders provided a broad sense of what good food is, which is food from the heart. She began to study different languages and cultures; arousing even more curiosity for multicultural cuisine. French-cut lamb shanks and tabouleh salad to wings 'n' fries, we've got you covered. Starting with fresh, organic ingredients starts in a well maintained, USDA approved 2400 square- foot greenhouse.

Constructing an outdoor amphitheater made natural wood and stone will stand as an eye- opening foundation on which to educate the nation about

becoming self-sustaining and how to eat to live.

It will enable MNFD to entertain new, solid ideas, solutions, and opportunities with major focus on the conservation of our natural resources.

In this line of work we meet many types of people from everywhere so we know excellent customer service is key. Being humble in her work allows Chef Niqi to be grateful in this position as she holds it. Team MNFD has been blessed to showcase fine cuisine among great entertainers, spiritual leaders, and educators!
How It Started

She (Chef Niqi) fantasized about how saffron, ginger and scallions would accent the everyday rice, chicken and vegetable dinner. Cumin, coriander, and curry were spices used  by ancestors as they worked their feelings, emotions, and sorrows into the food that would later be completely consumed by the entire family together.

MNFD, we understand that good ingredients are key in both family and cooking. Each one has a part to do to achieve success, and so it is done. We have a part to do as well. We know our part and play it with etiquette and efficiency.

In all her experience, Chef Niqi has brought hearty and heart- healthy cuisine to an array of clients. Through research and development, testing, and good judgment MNFD is able to deliver the basics accented with the exotic, creating a masterpiece in most any culture.

In 2008, a concept within MNFD called “Beauty and the Feast”, or BNF, where the latest trends are showcased in the world of beauty, served with the finest cuisine together in an extravagant gala event semi-annually.(Read more on BNF)

MNFD is all about diversity, as well as simplicity. Being mobile and online is always a plus for our clients. For all your concerns, questions, or special requests, don't hesitate to call.